Techno Zombie – Stand Divided Releases First Single

April 10, 2017
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Stand Divided is excited to release the band’s first single ‘Techno Zombie’ off of our upcoming album ‘Ghosts of the Ocean’. It is currently available for streaming on Soundcloud, and will be available for download in the next few weeks.

Techno Zombie is a song directed at today’s day and age of technology, which implies that we are slaves to our mobile devices, ipads, and computers in general. Peoples’ heads are always down texting and not looking up at the beautiful world that truly surrounds them. It is a song reminding us to leave the phone at home occasionally and disconnect to not become enslaved like the rest of the population. This is an anthem track built to sound off for today’s generation and to touch souls across the globe. This is only the beginning for this fresh upcoming act. We see very big things coming their way and we embrace the moment along with them.

Stand Divided is:
Shane Lauder (lead vocals), Dom Graham (guitar, vocals), Brendan Mountain (drums), Al Udell (bass, vocals).

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